Privacy Policy

Last updated: March 20, 2024

This Privacy Policy outlines how Playborg Media, together with its subsidiaries and affiliates (referred to as “Playborg Magazine,” “we,” “us,” or “our”), handles information collected through our various platforms, including websites, mobile-friendly sites, mobile apps, electronic devices, kiosks, and other interactive services available at domains such as playborg.ai and playborgmen.com. These platforms, along with their content, functionalities, and advertisements, are collectively known as the “Services.” The policy applies no matter the method of access and encompasses all digital or technological means we use to make these Services available.

For the purpose of this document, personal information is defined as data identified as personal information, personal data, personally identifiable information, or any similar terms as per relevant data privacy and security laws and regulations, excluding data that is not covered by such laws and regulations. This document does not admit or imply that specific data privacy or information security laws or regulations apply to Playborg Magazine in general or in any specific instance.

This Policy also integrates any supplementary privacy notices issued by us, which may be necessary due to legal requirements. Residents of certain areas, like California, may receive additional privacy notices relevant to their location. Some Services might have their own distinct privacy policies, which, in case of discrepancies, will take precedence over this general Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy elaborates on:

  • The types of personal information we gather and the methods of collection.
  • The processing and utilization of collected information.
  • The circumstances under which information may be shared with third parties.
  • The implementation of online analytics and personalized advertising.
  • Options available to users for accessing and updating their information.
  • Measures taken to safeguard information.
  • The retention period of your information.
  • Policies regarding linked websites and advertisements.
  • Provisions for international users and children.
  • Disclosure obligations regarding tracking.
  • Specific rights for users in Colorado, Connecticut, Virginia, Nevada, the EU, and the UK.
  • Absence of third-party rights.
  • Modifications to the Privacy Policy.
  • Contact information for privacy-related inquiries.

By using our Services, you acknowledge and agree to this Privacy Policy. This Policy applies universally, regardless of the access method, and aims to inform you about our privacy practices comprehensively. Any additional privacy notices or terms provided on specific occasions should be read in conjunction with this document. Your use of our Services and any privacy disputes are governed by this Policy and our Terms of Use.

We collect personal information that is voluntarily provided by users or automatically collected through technology when using our Services. The type of information collected can range from basic contact details to payment information for paid Services or purchases. We also gather analytics data to improve user experience and may collect content posted by users across our platforms. Users have the option not to provide certain personal information, which may affect their ability to use specific Services. We emphasize the importance of discretion and caution in posting personal information publicly, as it can be accessed and used by others beyond our control.

Collection of Information Automatically

Our Services automatically gather certain types of information during your usage, including:

  • Device details: Information about your accessing device, like its model, operating system, browser specifics, and IP addresses, is captured.
  • Mobile-specific data: Beyond general device information, we also collect data specific to mobile devices accessing the Services. This includes unique identifiers, operating system details, and other attributes of your mobile device.
  • Location data: Your location is determined through general (e.g., IP address, zip code) and specific methods (e.g., GPS on mobile devices). We use this data to tailor the Services with localized information, ads, and features. For instance, services may display content relevant to Los Angeles if your IP suggests that’s where you are. To facilitate this customization, we might share your location data with our partners or advertisers. If you prefer not to share location data from your mobile device, you can disable its GPS or other location services, as long as your device supports such adjustments. Refer to your device’s manual for instructions.
  • Interaction metrics: We track how you engage with the Services, noting aspects like the URLs you came from and exit to, the type of platform you’re on, the sequence and duration of page views, the dates and frequency of your visits, along with any errors encountered. This data helps us understand your preferences and how you use our Services.
  • Other data collection: We might also compile data related to your search activities and outcomes. Occasionally, we link this information to a unique identifier (which, by itself, doesn’t reveal your identity) for our internal use, making your ID part of PEI’s proprietary data without limiting its use by PEI.

Commercial Transactions

Details of your purchases and subscriptions via our Services are documented for purposes like account setup and management, marketing, analytics, customer service, and site security.

Survey and Questionnaire Feedback

Information you voluntarily provide in market research surveys, including your email and interests, is collected to enhance our marketing, analytics, customer service, and site security.

Social Media Contributions

Information you share on blogs or social media is gathered directly when you choose to provide it. Be mindful that these posts are public; avoid sharing private details. We use this data for marketing, research, customer service, and security purposes.

Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies

Cookies and technologies like tracking pixels and web beacons may be used on our site and in emails for analytics and to understand your site usage and email interaction.

Chatbot Interactions

Information shared with our chatbot, including analytics and direct inputs, is collected. Remember, interactions might not always be with a live person. We may record and share your chatbot communications with service providers to enhance customer service and communication efficiency.

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