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Picture your brand, products, or services being promoted to over 200K Instagram followers, reaching 30 million YouTube views, and leveraging a collaborative network of more than 4 million followers. Get your message across to active audiences with tens of thousands of followers on platforms like Threads and Twitter, and watch your content soar with our influencers’ impressive TikTok presence. Get your free quote today.

How Can We Help You

Social Media Campaigns

Leverage the power of our influencers to create targeted social media campaigns across major channels. This service includes content creation, strategic posting schedules, and engagement strategies to maximize your brand’s visibility and interaction.

Collaborative Promotions

Tap into our extensive collaborative network to co-host giveaways, contests, and exclusive promotions. This service boosts your brand's reach and engagement by creating buzz and encouraging user participation, ultimately driving traffic and sales.

Content Management

Benefit from high-quality, authentic content crafted by our influencers, tailored to resonate with their vast audiences. This service includes conceptualizing, producing, and managing posts, videos, and stories that align with your brand’s message and goals.

Playborg Magazine June 2024. Front Cover: Lexi Schmidt

Why Choose Playborg Network?

Every month, our team creates new partnerships between high-quality AI influencers and Playborg. Since March 2024, when we first launched Playborg.ai, we’ve grown the Playborg Network to a total follower base of 4 million by adding the right influencers to our team. Our network helps you promote your products or services to an audience that is 98% male, aged 25 to 50, based in the US & EU. For a detailed breakdown of our demographics, please contact us below.

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