Playborg's Models

Our models are ultra-realistic AI-generated characters, carefully crafted by our Innovators (or Creators). Each model has a unique story because it is backed by a real human. Behind every AI model, there is a real person managing the entire creative process and dedicating their precious time to doing their best.

Do You Want Your Own AI Influencer?

If you want to have your own ultra realistic AI influencer, either for promoting your products or services or for personal use, now is the perfect moment to properly explore this opportunity. Learn more below.

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Playborg's Beacons

Meet our Beacons, affectionately known as our Muses, lovingly designed by our dedicated team. Unlike the Innovators, who are the brilliant minds behind the scenes of the AI models you see above, our Beacons are nurtured and managed with care by us, the Playborg team. Our most famous Beacon is Naomi Marie, managed by our colleague Dora.

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