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The world’s first premium AI models magazine, the reference publication for high-quality AI models and influencers, and the only magazine where AI models truly come to life. Join us, be a part of the AI revolution and let’s change history together for the better. Don’t miss out – our first issues are available to order now.

If you’re fed up with the monotony of your daily routine and crave something fresh and exhilarating, let me introduce you to Playborg Magazine. Our innovative publication is poised to transform your entertainment experience. If you’re 18+, Playborg is crafted to ignite your imagination, deliver cutting-edge insights, and offer unmatched entertainment that keeps you coming back for more.

Imagine a magazine that seamlessly blends the latest breakthroughs in AI technology with the timeless allure of beautiful models. Playborg Magazine is your ticket to a realm where cutting-edge innovation meets breathtaking aesthetics.

For tech enthusiasts and futurists, Playborg Magazine is a goldmine of insights into the latest AI advancements and their groundbreaking applications in the creative industries. This is a front-row seat to the evolving relationship between humans and AI, showcasing how these cutting-edge tools are redefining creativity.

If you’re an artist in search of fresh inspiration or simply someone who loves staying ahead of the innovation curve, Playborg Magazine is your ultimate resource. Discover a new world where art and technology intersect in ways you’ve never imagined.

Playborg Magazine's Issues

Issue 05 - July 2024

Issue 04 - June 2024

Issue 03 - May 2024

Issue 02 - April 2024

Issue 01 - March 2024

What's In For You?

Exclusive Content

Unlock our exclusive, adult content, brought to you by the Playborg Innovators (or Creators). This content won’t be available anywhere else online—only in the digital and print versions of our magazine, and later on our platform.

VIP Lounge Access

Once you become an official Playborg Member, you’ll gain access to our VIP Lounge with like-minded individuals just like yourself. You’ll get the chance to network with open-minded people, participate in various Playborg events, and enjoy exclusive premium benefits.

Personalized Chat

You’ll have the chance to engage in spicy, private chats with some of our models, and be the first to receive sneak peeks of future materials, pictures or videos.

Unlock Even More Features

The digital version of Playborg Magazine, which is the actual magazine you should order today, is packed with useful insights, case studies, small guides, and much more. Order the mag now to enjoy all these benefits.

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Inside The Magazine

Here’s what to expect inside Playborg Magazine’s issues.

Issue 05 - July 2024

Issue 04 - June 2024

Issue 03 - May 2024

Issue 02 - April 2024

Issue 01 - March 2024

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Playborg Magazine is featuring ultra realistic AI-generated influencers and models. Each issue includes adult pictorials, and a mix of engaging articles on AI trends, lifestyle, dating advice, and so much more. Expect a mix of adult entertainment, art, and the latest in AI technology.

You can purchase Playborg Magazine directly from the Playborg Store. We offer both digital and print versions, with each issue available individually or as part of a bundle.

Ordering bundles instead of singular issue gives you access to our magazines at a discounted price. Plus, you’ll get a comprehensive experience of Playborg Magazine, exploring more beautiful Playborg models and BONUS galleries. Moreover, you qualify for the Playborg VIP Lounge, and exclusive perks.

Our content is created by talented contributors who are experts in AI-generated art and technology and by the Playborg team. By supporting Playborg Magazine, you’re helping these creators gain exposure and reach a wider audience. We’re committed to celebrating and showcasing real talent in the AI art community.


When You Order The Golden Bundle

Grab the March, April, May, and June 2024 issues of Playborg Magazine and explore over 15 gorgeous models, 3 super hot extra galleries, and all the latest trending topics. Don’t miss out—get the bundle today at 50% off!

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