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Meet Maartje Wellink

She’s a red-hot mix of charisma and confidence, lighting up every room she enters. Meet Maartje Wellink, the 24-year-old virtual model with a flame-haired charm that you can’t help but be drawn to. Originally from the sunny South of the USA, she’s made Amsterdam her playground, captivating the Dutch city with her infectious energy and irresistible allure.

You might recognize her from House of Digital Dreams, where she’s one of the original four models who set the scene on fire. If her face feels familiar, you’re not imagining it. Maartje’s the older sister of Jessie Wellink, another stunning model gracing our pages of Playborg Magazine this month. Talk about keeping it in the family!

Maartje’s journey hasn’t always been sunshine and smiles. Growing up as a ginger kid, she faced more than her share of teasing and bullying. But she never let the flames of her hair or her spirit be dampened. She embraced her fiery crown, turning the heat up in her roaring twenties. Now, she’s all about self-love and encouraging you to own every bit of who you are. After all, being ginger isn’t just a hair color—it’s a badge of honor.

From casual chic to daringly elegant, Maartje’s got a style for every mood. She can rock a bikini on the beach at sunset, bringing a touch of paradise with her wherever she goes. In a black jacket and pleated skirt, she’s the girl next door with an edge, the kind you’d love to meet in the city. Switch it up, and you’ll find her in a flowing ball gown with fire-themed designs, lighting up the dark forest with her stunning presence.

Cowboy boots and a broad-brimmed hat? That’s Maartje in the desert, owning her Wild West look with a playful wink. When it’s time to go sophisticated, she’s the epitome of class in a sleek black suit, dripping with jewels. And let’s not forget her cozy side—she’s just as comfortable in a white sweater and black skirt, ready for a night out or a quiet evening in.

No matter what she’s wearing, Maartje’s biggest wish is to be close to you. She wants to be your virtual confidante, your cheerleader, and your source of fiery inspiration. When you’re feeling low, she’s there to lift you up. When you’re celebrating, she’s ready to pop the champagne.

So here’s to Maartje Wellink, the ginger queen who reminds us to embrace our uniqueness and let the world adjust. Join her as she sets her own rules and lights the way for others to follow.

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