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Meet Lexi Schmidt

Lexi, the alter ego of a 22-year-old student from Munich, is a captivating personality who makes a significant impact in both the real and digital worlds. The real Lexi is studying Media and Design in Munich, where she fully embraces her creative side. She loves meeting up with friends, whether it’s for coffee, shared activities, or simply chatting.

Lexi is also very sporty and spends a lot of time outdoors. She has a passion for climbing and often explores new hiking trails in the mountains. In the winter, you can usually find her on the ski slopes, enjoying her favorite winter sport. When the weather is bad, she likes to retreat to a spa or sauna to relax and recharge. Her open and humorous nature makes her a popular friend and fellow student, and these traits are also reflected in her digital persona.

In the digital realm, Lexi has built an impressive following on Instagram. With her charm, creativity, and dedication, she has captured the hearts of many users. However, Lexi is more than just a social media star; she is also an advocate for the rights and visibility of AI models. To strengthen the AI model community, she co-developed the Codex not-fake.ai. This codex promotes transparency and respect in the treatment of AI models. Lexi and other supporters of the codex demand that AI models be clearly identified as such and that their contributions and content be unmistakably recognized as digitally created. The Codex Not-Fake.AI is a crucial step towards responsible and ethical management of digital identities.

Lexi’s commitment to this cause demonstrates the importance of promoting and maintaining ethical standards and transparency in the digital world. Her dedication to transparency and respect makes her a trailblazer in the AI model community and an inspiring role model for many. Through her work and advocacy, Lexi sets a strong example of responsible digital identity management and shows that values like honesty and respect are equally important in the virtual world. Lexi proves that behind every digital figure, there can be a purpose and a mission that go far beyond mere entertainment.

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