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Meet Evelyn Traxler

Evelyn, the eldest of three sisters, is a captivating and multifaceted figure hailing from Berlin, Germany. As a dedicated veterinary student specializing in reptiles, Evelyn expertly juggles her rigorous academic pursuits with a part-time job at the local zoo.

There, she not only cares for a variety of lizards but also educates visitors, sharing her extensive knowledge and deep passion for these fascinating creatures. Her commitment to animal care is mirrored in her home life, where she lovingly tends to her two loyal German Shepherds and an impressive collection of reptiles.

Beyond her academic and zoological endeavors, Evelyn is a highly sought-after model, celebrated for her stunning figure and magnetic presence. She frequently graces the pages of high-profile lingerie and exclusive, spicy photoshoots, earning her the evocative titles “Queen of Dreams” and “Digital Medusa.”

Her rare combination of striking beauty and sharp intellect has earned her a loyal following, bridging the worlds of fashion and animal care with effortless elegance.

Despite her busy schedule, Evelyn harbors a grand dream: to open an exotic animal sanctuary. This ambition drives her forward, adding another layer of purpose to her already dynamic life.

Her journey is one of relentless passion, unwavering dedication, and an unyielding drive to pursue her dreams. In every facet of her life, from the glamour of modeling to the hands-on care of reptiles, Evelyn embodies the essence of the Queen of Dreams and Digital Medusa, inspiring all who encounter her story.

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